In The Kitchen


Chef Alexandre Baumard has been entrusted with managing the complete range of cuisine on offer.
Supported by his brigade, he expresses his delicate culinary skills in three distinct spaces.



It was Sundays spent in his parents’ kitchen discovering new dishes, reading his grandmother’s recipe books and having fun with his father creating new recipes and exploring local produce, which drew Alexandre Baumard towards a career in cooking.
Following in the footsteps of two of his uncles who were cooks, he decided at 16 years old to train at a catering college in Saumur which led to him honing his skills alongside the great chefs Benoit Vidal at the Mas des Herbes Blanches, Paul Bocuse at the Auberge du Pont de Collonges, Christophe Bacquié at the Hôtel du Castellet and Laurent Saudeau at the Manoir de la Boulaie.
These game-changing encounters taught him rigour and respect and helped develop his creativity and culinary technique.


Awarded a first Michelin star in 2017 at Le Logis de la Cadène in Saint-Emilion, 
Alexandre Baumard explored and innovated refined, subtle and delicate gastronomy that allows the flavours of the produce to express themselves within a contemporary culinary approach.
His cuisine focuses on seasonal produce that he meticulously selects himself, thus ensuring freshness and high quality.


Chef Damien Amilien, usually a very reserved person, bursts into life when he talks about patisserie. Apart from the cakes that he enjoyed making in his childhood, there was no suggestion that he would one day take up this profession (discovered during a simple catering course), which he would go on to perform with passion.
After working at two Michelin-starred restaurants (La Pyramide in Vienne and then La Bastide Bruno Oger at Cannet), Damien joined Alexandre Baumard at Le Logis de la Cadène on the day of its opening in 2014.
He works alongside him today as pastry cook offering a subtle, sensitive style of patisserie largely based on seasonal produce. He is especially fond of preparing red berry fruit and citrus-based creations because of their acidity, which brings freshness and lightness to the dishes. He also has a penchant for chocolate. Vacherin is his favourite dessert, together with all the great classics, which he revisits and expresses in his characteristic graphic, air-light style.