— opening September 2020 —

L’Observatoire was created for very special moments.
Lovers of fine-dining can enjoy here the inventive, refined cuisine of Chef Alexandre Baumard.
The core aspects of his cuisine style are showcased here: 
the finest, seasonal produce selected from top suppliers.
A gastronomic approach that combines respect for tradition and creativity, attention to detail and a sense of harmony.

The private room, with a capacity for 8 seated guests and a view into the gastronomic restaurant’s kitchen, allows the chef’s delicacies to be savoured in complete privacy.






The wine list, the enthusiastic creation of Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, completes this gourmet experience. In its selection of regions, grape varieties and vintages, the list reflects an inquisitive and open-minded choice of references.

An ambitious policy of purchasing and laying down wines will enable the Gabriel’s wine list to fill out and thus strengthen the establishment’s aim to become an ambassador for wines not just from Bordeaux, but from the rest of France and the world, too.